How To Prepare For a First Date

This is a guest post by Vibhinta Verma Das, the founder and director of Vibhinta Verma Image Consulting. She is a model and an actor with a penchant for style, a flair for presentation and a passion for teaching. As a certified Image Consultant she teaches people how to project an appropriate, attractive and authentic image.

Great first impressionIt takes 3 seconds for someone to form an impression about you. Yeah that’s right, you don’t even get a chance to say hello. If someone noticed you walk in through the doors, by the time you approach them, they’ve decided whether they will like you or not! I didn’t just make that up, it’s a scientifically researched and proven fact.

Talking about first dates…Women differ from men in many ways, one of them being the amount of thought (and stress) we put into preparing for dates. Well, stress no more, because here are a few tips on being prepared for the first date.

The first-date look should strike the right balance: You should look sexy but not too sexy, casual but not frumpy, elegant not uptight.

Pick an outfit that’s cool but uncomplicated: Jeans and a dressy top or a Little Black Dress (LBD) are the two safest choices as you can dress them up or dress them down easily according to the date.

Wear heels: They give you better posture and more confidence, but always pick shoes you’re comfortable in. Accessorise to let your personality show through but remember, less is more.

Use enough make up to enhance your natural beauty, but don’t pile on the war paint. Make some time, pamper yourself and get a mani-pedi.  Also keep the hair fuss free clean and touchable. The small details matter- always be aware about chipped nails, bad breath, body odour and good manners.

In your bag, always carry mint, tissues, cell phone, your keys and maybe perfume.

Carry money: A gentleman will offer to pay, but you don’t want to chance being stuck in an awkward situation

The first date has the lure of exciting new beginnings, romance and plenty of firsts, so don’t fret too much, relax and enjoy the chance to get to know someone better….and don’t forget to smile!

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