In Search of the Perfect Relationship

A Fairytale Romance

Throughout our childhood, we have been overexposed to fairy tales which talk about perfect relationships. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Rapunzel – you get what I mean :). These stories give women the message that a prince charming will come for them in time and men get the idea that a beautiful young woman is waiting for them. Beauty is defined through perfect features, figures, musical abilities, etc.

When we see the people around us, we realise that these fairy tales don’t apply to real life. People are not perfect. Not everyone is a prince charming or a princess, but somehow they seem to have perfect relationships. So, how do we find such imperfectly perfect relationship?

Before answering that question, we must understand the different types of relationships that exist around us. Earlier, romantic relationships were mostly binary. People were either single or married. Today, times have changed, and people are exploring their options more than ever.

Various types of relationships exist today. Some of them are :

These are some of the popular types of romantic relationships people have today. The key is to know that one might start a relationship on any of the ways mentioned, but can it lead to love? The answer is ‘yes.’

  1. Marriage – It is for people who are looking for long-term commitment. If you are looking for this type of relationship, you have to wait for the right person. You have to be okay with the idea of spending your entire romantic life with just that one person.
  2. Live-in – This kind of relationship is popular today. Live-in marriages are legal in many countries in the world including India. This type of connection requires trust and insecurity can ruin it. Love, confidence, and communication can make it last forever.
  3. Exclusive Dating – In this type, people concentrate on having a romantic relationship with just one person. People who exclusively date one another are just a step away from ending it or from graduating to the boyfriend/girlfriend phase.
  4. Girlfriend/Boyfriend Phase – People are involved in a serious romantic relationship with one person. They are comfortable with everyone being aware of their relationship (including parents). It may or may not lead to marriage.
  5. Non- exclusive Dating – It is the opposite of exclusive dating. This is for people who are open to dating multiple people.
  6. Online Dating (never met) – This kind is for people who are okay with dating people who they have never met. They enjoy the emotional support and texting/ sexting with someone who is a stranger to them in real life.
  7. Fuck Buddy – If you are with a person only and only for sex, that person is your fuck buddy. This type of relationship is for people who are comfortable with their sexuality and are open about their needs.
  8. Complicated – You may have heard people term their relationship status as ‘It’s complicated’. This is for people who are not sure about the person with whom they are in a romantic relationship. They may date one person, but if they find someone better, they might move on.

Confidence, Communication, Attitude!

To succeed, first, you have to cut through the social framework and find out what you want. This clarity will boost your confidence and help you in making the right choice. Remember the 3 things that will make a relationship easy for you to handle – confidence, clear communication, and a positive attitude. Make sure you never miss out on any of these.

  • Confidence – It is something that makes a person attractive and strong. If you are confident, you increase your chance of finding “the right person” exponentially.
  • Clear communication – It is essential for all relationships. Many breakups happen because people are not able to communicate their feelings.
  • A positive attitude – It can change the way you look at issues, which in turn will have a significant impact on the way you deal with them. It also helps people understand their partner better.

Nothing is perfect 

There is no perfect relationship in real life. So, stop searching for it, instead look for imperfections that attract you. Have you seen the movie ‘Shrek’ or ‘Princess and the Frog’? These movies are famous for depicting imperfect yet beautiful, long-lasting and loving relationships.