Celebrate Valentine’s Day Everyday

This is a blog post by Simran Mangharam, co-founder of www.floh.in (a network that connects singles in real life)

Singles date on Valentine's day

Like everyone else, when I was single, I was often asked if I had a date on Valentine’s Day. It was the one day I avoided going out with anyone who asked me out because I could not handle peoples drama and marketeers’ sheer misuse of emotions – red balloons, bouquets and gifts on each table, couples excited by the day itself rather than about each other – it totally repulsed me!

I went out on dates throughout the year though, and mostly had a great time to meet singles. I enjoyed the normal environment around me – neither of us was distracted by the pressure of having to behave in a certain way as one does on ‘Valentine’s day.’

Now that I am married, (and married people are not absolved from this day by the way) I’m sure I am amongst the lucky few who celebrate Valentine’s day everyday. Great conversations daily, holding hands in the car or at the table, getting my favourite flowers randomly, surprising my husband by buying tickets to see his favourite film, him ordering a book I’ve been meaning to buy, or spontaneously giving the best massage ever – I love the fact that every day is Valentine’s day!

A couple of days ago, I was trying to buy flowers for a friend and a lily stalk that normally costs INR 80 was costing INR 150. Taken aback I asked the florist how the rate had shot up in month. And, he said “around Valentine’s day every year the price goes up and on that day I can ask for whatever price I want.”

So ladies and gentlemen, pick any day to be romantic and do something together – there are only upsides to this. You can send flowers and go out on more than one occasion and spend less money than you would on one day or go out with more than one person and end spending the same amount. And, if you are like me, the real joy will come with just a great conversation with like minded people, a lingering smile on both your faces and perhaps holding hands as well, and that does not cost anything at all 🙂

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